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The new frontier of the Artificial Intelligence for health-care.


The Data Life project wants to act as a true evolution of the prevention dynamics in the health system, anticipating and reaching the onset of chronic diseases through the use of a technology capable of providing useful and timely data and information, providing support to doctors for evaluation of care pathways.

The main elements of innovation are therefore:

  • Big data management and calculation algorithm allow to identify in time the onset of possible risk factors related to chronic diseases;
  • Users will be able to verify their lifestyle and the percentage of potential risk factors for the onset of chronic diseases;
  • It will be possible to obtain information on possible analysis and in-depth analysis based on the risk factors identified;
  • To have a just in time contact with qualified operators in the sector (health facilities and/or doctors) for timely analysis;
  • To be able to access the system in any place, without having to contact specific structures;
  • To evolve the concept of prevention.

The DataLife project arises in a market where the use of e-health is still at an embryonic level. In fact, there are no direct competitors or possible competitors who use a similar product/service.
There are various data collection tools, also implemented with the modern technology of smartphone apps, but which remain so, that is pure archiving tools, or supports used mainly in the wellness sector.
The revolution represented by DataLife of managing data, no longer merely stored, but analyzed through software dedicated to the extrapolation of risk factors in order to provide different services, such as indications on possible correct lifestyles, in-depth analyzes or investigations, submitting of data to professionals in the diagnostic sector, etc.
All with a single interface through which to do everything, without energy wasting, and optimizing time offering the possibility, where necessary, to intervene in an effective and timely manner, activating, after medical evaluation, paths of precision medicine.

Platform version



Your Smartphone becomes a portable health consulter.

This version is used to take care of your health everywhere and anytime.

An App is installed on a mobile smart device connected to Internet.

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Tower PC

Use DataLife from a PC for a more comfortable access to the provided services.

This version is useful for a more detailed screening of the own health.

A computer is transformed into a health-adviser.

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Warning ...!

Follow these Tips and Hints

  • Be responsible. You are responsible of your health.

    Remember ...!
    You are responsible of your health.

  • DataLife is a prototype. Use DataLife as an additional equipment to your health issues.

    Remember ...!
    Use DataLife as an additional equipment to your health issues.

  • The prediction of DataLife may be inaccurate.

    Attention ...!
    The prediction of DataLife may be inaccurate.

  • The DataLife results must always be interpreted by a medical staff.

    Attention ...!
    The DataLife results must always be interpreted by a medical staff.